Premium Grade and Highly Customisable Canvas Print in Singapore

We made it simple. You choose, we print and assemble, you receive. Canvas is made to simply hang straight on the wall

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Purchasing a personalised wall decor should not be complex. That’s why we have made it simple. Choose, send and receive!


A little colour accent goes a long way to transform the entire feel. That is why we use high quality print set and premium grade canvas just to bring you just that!

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Canvas is great for many occasions besides a wall decor

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    Pick your favourite memories, art piece, family portraits to turn into physical display of premium quality and feel

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    Place your order of your choice and provide the shipping details

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  • 3. Professional Service

    For custom orders, send your photo/s to and we will touch up the photo when requested or needed. We will only proceed to print upon confirmation on the final photo

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    Simply wait for the canvas to be delivered to your doorstep

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Everyone deserves a cozy spot. We think canvas is the best choice when it comes to design, look and affordability


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